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Our goal at Chicago Refurbishment Company (CRC) is to remain a leader in providing engineering services and products for the steel mill industry. Since 2003, CRC has been servicing mills throughout North America with the goal of growing steel production. At our core, we meticulously refurbish headers, hoses and cabinets, provide design solutions and supply parts and products. We are an extension of a mill - always assessable for troubleshooting, evaluations or even emergencies.

Our dedication to the steel industry ensures superior quality and commitment to our customers. With experience being paramount, our team is specialized in fluid applications working with equipment across North America. Whether a mill is using our products or someone else's, CRC has first-hand knowledge of the equipment from having worked for both.




The CRC roll cooling headers were designed with high demand from customers for a better design for rolling flat steel. The development was based on industry knowledge, equipment expertise and process experience. Headers are built specific per mills needs and requirements. We are proud that all components are designed, tested and built in-house in the USA.

A header and hose refurbishment program is essential in making sure your mill runs at its best. It will also increase the longevity of the equipment. As experts, we advise our customers what tasks are necessary after our assessment. Depending on the mill and whether spare equipment is available, there are 2 refurbishment options.

1.On-site mini refurbishments: Completed during mill shutdowns with proper planning to ensure the right parts are available.

2. Off-site full refurbishments: Headers and hoses are shipped to our shop where they are put through a carefully crafted proprietary process. This includes spray testing all equipment before it is crated and shipped. Once installation is scheduled, a CRC engineer will be on-site at your mill to oversee the install.

Control Cabinet refurbishments are customized based on the needs of the cabinet. CRC will assess the cabinet first on-site to determine the cabinets needs and then produce a plan and components required prior to the refurbishment. Typical refurbishments include a complete disassembly of the cabinet and cleaning. Upon reassembly, it is standard for CRC to upgrade any pneumatic connections and fittings, replace tubing of all sizes and make additional customized installations for ease of maintenance.

Onsite Engineering Services

Core Specialties

• Mini header refurbishments
• Control cabinet refurbishments
• Engineering expertise
• Parts inventory supply / management
• Design consultation
• Customized solutions
• Evaluations & solutions
• Troubleshooting
• Outage & downturn assistance


• Roll cooling header refurbishment
• Hose & control cabinet refurbishment
• Manufacturing of headers
• Cold and Hot Mill applications
• Descaling
• Design and development
• Emergency part inventory
• Ultra-sonic cleaning and metal finishing
• Fabrication / Machining / Welding / Powder Coating



CRC is available 24/7 when you need emergency troubleshooting.


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